The first single off our upcoming EP is out now, and we just wrapped shooting the video. Check out the track!



CØASTLINE is a pop punk band based in the Sarasota area. Forming just over a year ago, the band has released a single and is currently hard at work producing their first EP.




Born and raised in North Port, seemingly an unassuming man. By day, a boring insurance agent, but when the sun goes down he can be found at “Laundry Room Studios” -- aka his laundry room -- playing drums, laying down backup vocals, and engineering some audio.

“I liked to bang on pots and pans as a child and always was tapping.” And thanks to his loving parents, nudging him to practice and take lessons, EJ went from banging on pots and pans to making Drumline Captain by his senior year of high school. Combine all the years of experience + his exceptional speed and power = the badass drummer we see today.

When he’s not banging on the drums, he enjoys banging himself up at the North Port Skate Park riding BMX bikes. While recovering, he likes to play video games and mixing audio in his studio.

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In his own words, “I bring the awkward”. Born a Floridian, and raised in SC, he decided it was time to come back to his roots.

Chris brought with him an uncanny ability to write an array of brilliant and witty original music. Was it mentioned that he also has a voice so sexy all the guys and girls swoon? *swoon*

Anytime he’s not being a videographer, making “the silky smooth videos for the virals”, he moonlights as a professional cookie eater. However, his passion for cookies is no match for his love of Mike Myers, who has inspired him to be the goofball we know and love.

When writer’s block sets in, or his vocals are fried, he enjoys bird watching, while eating cookies.

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Keith (KJ)

Lead Guitar

Like Father, like son. “My Dad played, and guitars were always around the house growing up.” It might have also helped that he was born in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. Which also explains why he’s a die hard Saints fan -- Geaux Saints!

The biggest influencer in Keith’s life was his Dad, passing along his passions and values. As the years rolled on, other artists were an inspiration, including Kurt Cobain and Billie Joe Armstrong. You can hear, and see, traces of all of them throughout his lyrical riffs and in his technique.

On the weekends, after horticulture’ing all week, he can be found out on a boat, or golfing at one of the many courses in Sarasota. And after a long day out in the FL sunshine, he likes to chill at one of our local breweries.

Among his other interests, he counts traveling and popping into record stores he happens upon.

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A rare specimen, 2nd generation Floridian, Wayne is the band’s bass mechanic.

His musical influences range from punk to funk, encompassing bands as far afield as Vulfpeck, Rancid, and Rage Against the Machine. He occasionally lends an ear down at Roseland Park Studios, helping out with audio engineering or sitting in as a session bassist.

After a fun-filled day making sure websites are mostly not on fire, he likes to unwind by playing video games, listen to music, and watching soccer.

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